Wrestler Who Debuted At The End Of This Week’s WWE Raw Revealed

The wrestler who debuted with AJ Lee was WWE NXT talent Big E. Langston (real name Ettore Ewen), a former national powerlifting champion who was recruited and trained by WWE developmental.

He was signed by the company in 2009 and was brought up to work several Smackdown house show loops earlier in the year.

Photos Of Future WWE Star Big E Langston

  • Andrew

    Is there any statistical evidence that bigger guys go over better with the WWE Universe? I bet if you ran a Z-stat test and isolated variables against attendance rates you would find mic skill to be the most important followed by the perceived number of signature wrestling moves someone had.

    Also, I think it’s time to turn Cena heel. My favorite team, the Oakland Athletics, would always lose a major star and would always look for an assortment of players to make up for the lost production (Giambi, Tejada, Dye, Damon Chavez, etc.). I think the same philosophy should apply. You really don’t need Cena’s replacement to be completely ready yet. Just ready enough, when combined with several other wrestlers, to make up for lost revenue from turning Cena heel. The goal should be to make up revenue, which can be measured objectively.