The Wrestling Genius: The Fake Royal Rumble Bets

Here it is my second favorite pay per view of the year, the Royal Rumble. Where Wrestlemania is serious and “the showcase of the immortals” the Royal Rumble is just good plain fun. Surprise entries in the rumble are always good for a big pop or a laugh. Royal Rumble is still the only wrestling match my sister Megan ever watched with me growing up. There is just something cool, fun, and entertaining about 30 men throwing each other over the top rope. My buddy Tom and I always countdown the seconds as if we were actually there, we drink too much, and have a great time. It’s like the warm up to the Super Bowl party. So, as per tradition I’m making my picks via fake Vegas betting lines.

I’ll explain the betting lines to those of you fortunate enough not to have a gambling problem like me.

The sign in front of the number indicates whether placing a wager on that outcome will pay out more money then you have wagered or less money then you have wagered. If the odd is negative (-) it means that outcome is more likely to happen and placing a bet on that outcome would payout, less than the amount you wagered, while a positive (+) odd shows that the outcome is less likely to happen and it would pay out more than the amount you wagered.

Example: Hulk Hogan (-200) Brooklyn Brawler (+150)

This means to win $100 on Hogan you’d have to bet $200. However, a $100 bet on Brawler would net you $150. So + indicates under dog and – indicates favorite.

US Title Match: Miz (+150) vs. ANTONIO CESARO (-260)

Vegas doesn’t seem to care that The Miz is a former world champion or that he has been getting help from the dirtiest player in the game Flair. Vegas is buying into Cesaro’s dominance of late and frankly, I don’t think they could put this line high enough for me not to bet on Cesaro. He’s the baddest of the young bloods out there and The Miz just doesn’t compare. Take the favorite here and don’t think twice about it.

Cesaro OVER The Miz

Tag Team Title Match: TEAM HELL NO (-150) vs. Rhodes Scholars (+120)

Vegas thinks highly of the current WWE tag team champions and there is a lot to like. They’ve been champions for months and no one has really challenged them in that time. With that said, I’m leaning towards the slight under dogs Rhodes Scholars. They have a great gimmick, they have flash, and both are very talented in ring performers. Rhodes can handle Bryan and Sandow can handle Kane. Also, Bryan and Kane might have ended on Monday after graduating from anger management. Take the under dog and thank me later when you are richer.

Rhodes Scholars OVER Hell No

World Heavyweight Title Match: ALBERTO DEL RIO (+160) vs. Big Show (-240)

Vegas thinks the Big Show has the (pardon the pun) big advantage in a last man standing match. Del Rio sure has a huge mountain to climb considering Big Show at times can be the most dominating force in the WWE. Del Rio has one advantage and that is he can always ask Ricardo to take a punch for him. My eyes say take Big Show, but my elite wrestling mind tells me to take Del Rio. So, I’m taking the big under dog Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio OVER Big Show

Dolph Ziggler cashes in his Money In The Bank contract (+250)

This is easy money, when else will there be a better time to cash it in? There won’t be, and Dolph knows it. Bet that Ziggler will cash in. Then bet Ziggler loses so he has something to wrestle for at the Rumble. BTW, this is my least confident bet of the night so…bet lightly or not at all.

WWE Title Match: CM PUNK vs. The Rock (pick’em)

Wow! Vegas won’t put odds on this one. They think these two match up evenly and I couldn’t agree more. I’m a Punk mark and I feel zero shame in saying that. With that said The Rock is fresh, and might just want it that much more. Punk has been champion for over a year that has to be exhausting. He is also nursing a knee injury, and his opponent has had 9 months off. Punk has the experience edge, seeing as the rock has only wrestled twice in the past 5 years. Gambling gods dictate that you never bet on someone just because you are a fan, and you don’t want to piss off the gambling gods.  So, I’m taking The Rock, but boy it hurts to do so.

The Rock OVER CM Punk

Royal Rumble Match:
John Cena (-160)
Wade Barrett (-120)
Ryback (-120)
Randy Orton (+120)
Sheamus (+120)
The Miz (+160)
Cesaro (+160)
Dolph Ziggler (+180)
Kane (+200)
Daniel Bryan (+200)
Cody Rhodes (+200)
Damien Sandow (+200)
Seth Rollins (+240)
Dean Ambrose (+240)
Roman Reigns (+240)

Vegas has put odds only on these guys and they put John Cena as the favorite. Now I know I already picked Cena as my prediction to win it but then I thought about it. That’s too obvious and the WWE rarely goes with the choice that is everyone’s choice. There are other ways to set up a Rock vs. Cena title match at Wrestlemania. No, I’m changing my prediction and I’m going with Randy Orton. Orton hasn’t had a run in a long time and he’s the perfect foil for new baby face Del Rio. So I’m taking Orton and as an under dog I’ll make a little extra money off him…its win win.

Royal Rumble Winner: Randy Orton

That is all for me this week, as always, you can email me with any questions, comments, concern or hate or you can tweet me @JaredGebhardt