The Wrestling Genius: The Intervention TNA Needs

Thanks for coming everyone I know this isn’t easy, but it has to be done. Interventions are hard; sometimes they are harder for the one’s intervening than the person who needs our help. We need to stay focused, stay strong, and above all else, we need to say what is on our minds and in our hearts. Okay, are we ready…we are, good let us begin.

Hi TNA, I know this seems scary, and we told you we were investors but we aren’t. We are very concerned fans who are worried about you. Please, just sit down and listen before you fly off the handle, lose control, and bring in one of the Hogans. This brings us to your first problem. Look, hiring Hulk Hogan was a great idea, you know if it was 1990, but even when you hired him, it seemed like a dumb move. At the time you were on a roll, you seemed to be making headway as a unique alternative to the WWE. The six sided ring, the focus on the X-Division, the rising stars, it was all there for you. You seemed to pick the right veterans to bring in to balance out the whole roster. Hiring Kurt Angle when you did was probably one of the best decisions you had ever made. Look, we aren’t faulting you for hiring Hogan, the guy is a legend. He has name recognition and he can get you on ESPN every once in a while. I get why you did it, but in all honesty, at his age he’s fools gold. You should have known that, and yet you rolled the dice and you failed. Yet, you can’t seem to let it go, and instead of fixing the problem, you keep bringing in more people from Hogan Knows Best. Brook Hogan is a talent less fool who can’t act or wrestle. Then to make her such a large part of the show with Bully Ray just compounded the huge mistake. You need to let the Hogans go TNA, I know it’ll be hard but we care about you and we’ll be here for you; you just have to let them go.

The other problem seems to be your erratic behavior, specifically letting contracts expire on huge stars. Now, we can see where dealing with Hulk and Brook Hogan can lead to forgetting a few things here and there. However, not getting Roode’s contract done in a timely matter is inexcusable.  Come on, even you have to know how bad that made you look. It would have been fine if you could have saved the whole thing at the last minute like Punk/Vince but no you literally couldn’t figure it out in time and one of your biggest stars just disappeared. It’s that type of behavior that has us so worried about you. It’s erratic behavior like pushing a guy for a few weeks then not having him on TV for a week.  One-week a guy looks like an unstoppable giant, then struggle the next against an inferior opponent. I’m not sure what you’d call it when an entire group of people get’s bi-polar syndrome but it appears TNA creative has it. Primarily get a direction and go with it and for crying out loud get your contracts in order on your biggest stars BEFORE they become a huge a problem that leads to you look like a group of amateurs.

You have to stop focusing on the by gone stars like Hogan and D-Lo Brown. Look, I’m sure D-Lo is a nice guy but really, you are giving time to D-Lo Brown? Vince cared so little about D-Lo Brown he let him keep his name when he left the WWE. You have so much talent on your roster yet you are using all the wrong guys in all the wrong places. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe deserve more than what they are getting.  I mean Bully Ray is your world champion, really. Really? Look I like Bully Ray and I think he’s been a better singles wrestler than I thought he’d be but World Champion? When you have much more talented younger stars, you give the title to Bully Ray? I get the Ace’s and 8’s angle but you could have let one of the younger more talented stars of the group be champion. Speaking of Ace’s and 8’s once again like you always do you get a faction on the show and then you make the show 99% about them until the crowd get’s burnt out on them. You have to find the balance in the show between the big group and the rest of the show. Take a few pages out of WWE’s book here they love their factions. However, they never completely take over the show. You have a lot of talent TNA we are just concerned you don’t know how good you have it.

I really hope you take this intervention seriously and you fix your problems. We are rooting for you to succeed because wrestling is at its best when there is competition. Please, get rid of the Hogans nothing good comes of having them around. Focus on the young talent you have and use the veterans as you did a few years ago. The focus should be on the rising talent not guys who are past being past their prime like Sting. This intervention means nothing if you don’t look in the mirror and see what needs to be fixed. We are all pulling for you TNA.

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  • BD

    I couldn’t agree more. Hogan is just not a big name anymore. If TNA is getting the same ratings with Hogan as they did without him, that shows that he is not a benefit to the company.