Wrestling Manager 1.0.7 Coming To An iOS Device Near You; New Updates & More

Thanks to our friends at Wrestling Manager for sending this in:

Hopefully by now, you guys know that we’re serious about making Wrestling Manager the best mobile wrestling game of all time. This is the 7th update since the game released late November 2011 and as usual we’re bringing new features, new content, tweaks and fixes – all of which is based on the incredible user feedback that you guys have given us. We couldn’t be more grateful for your support and as usual we’ve updated the credits list to add in the names of those of you who are going above and beyond to help out.

This update will bring with it a ton of ‘Under the hood’ refinements based on user feedback. For example, wrestlers who didn’t have a match speciality, are now randomly assigned one. This means one version of Andrew McGallo might have a Cage Match, another version might have a Tables Match and another version might have a Last Man Standing match. Don’t worry, characters who already had pre-established specialities won’t change. For example all versions of The Overtaker are still Prison Cell specialists.

Other ‘Under the hood’ changes include tweaks to the amount of money that players can earn at the beginning of the game. Smart bookers will be able to earn money slightly quicker in the early parts of the game (This was one of the top requests). The Event and TV Rating systems has been modified, factoring in new promo cards like ‘Hype Next Event’ also using the same arena too often will result in lower attendance for events and fans won’t be as lively in the matches which will lower TV and Event Ratings.

The more obvious changes include; icons that make it easier to see the weight class of your wrestlers without having to turn the cards over, the ability to customise your company logo, improved touch controls, new critics, new customisation tools (Edit Celebrity’s and Managers) and of course we’ve now added achievements so that you have even more challenges in the game.

All of that would mean nothing if we hadn’t also fixed some of the problems that a few of you were experiencing. Well… the championship bug is now GONE! The factions bug is now GONE! and while the game still isn’t entirely bug free (what game is?), we’ve made some huge steps in the right direction. We’ve also added in some analytical tools that will not only help us detect any problems you may encounter but they will also help us refine the game even further.

For those of you that already have the game by the time this update launches (VERY SOON!!!), we’re also throwing in a special thank you gift.

Find more information about the game over at WrestlingManagement.com.

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