“Wrestling Storm” The First-Ever Turn-Based Wrestling Card Game Now Live For iOS

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Wrestling Storm Tests Cunning, Strategic Thinking and Intelligence
Digiworks Creates First-Ever Turn-based Wrestling Card Game

New York, N.Y. — 2013 — Digiworks Studio announced today the release of Wrestling Storm, a turn-based wrestling card game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The game tests users’ in-ring style through the strategic use of cards that inflict damage on their opponent.

Wrestling Storm offers gamers the ability to beat their opponents into submission in either single-player story mode or against other users from around the world. King, the main character, was tricked into retirement by his insidious rival, The Magician. After learning about the hoax, King gets back together with his most-trusted friends and travels the United States fighting through sinister heels in an effort to get retribution.

The game boasts 24 wrestlers and more than 150 action cards that can be adapted to the wrestler’s fighting style. The beautiful graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay put gamers right into the action and force them to use intelligent strategy and decisive action to work their way to the pinnacle of the sport and restore King’s honor.

“Wrestling Storm is about strategically using the cards you have to become the greatest wrestler in the world,” said Alexandre Seite, technical director of Wrestling Storm. “The game requires cunning and forward-thinking, and it’s non-stop fun, whether you’re playing in story mode or against your friends.”


– A collection of more than 150 action cards to amaze your opponents.

– 24 wrestlers with unique powers from six different families – unlock them in spectacular fights.

– A deck that can adapt to the style of combat you choose: attack, defense, cunning or technique.

– Regular card updates and daily surprises for even more epic duels!

– Two game modes: single player to relive The King’s story and an online mode to dominate OR impress other players all over the world.

– A strong community of players connected 24/7 and ready for some intense combat action!

– Regular events to push you beyond your limits.

Wrestling Storm is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

For more information, please visit:
Website: http://digiworks-games.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WrestlingStorm





  • Coldgrits

    wow lol. I usually like dumb card games and i’d be kinda sweet if this was actually some fun.