WWE 2K14 Universe Information

2K Sports recently conducted a live stream, hosted by Cristo Kyriazis and Aubrey Sitterson, giving fans some information on the Universe Mode features in WWE 2K14. Below are some of the features viewers were told about.

NEW to this year are custom rivalries, that allow you to set up your own feuds throughout the course of the mode. The rivalry manager allows you to have short or long rivalries [from 4 to 12 weeks], and they can begin and end whenever you want. The game will also set up rivalries by itself if you prefer not to have to make them yourself.

– There will be improved menus with news, rankings and statistics.

– You can set up default wrestling attires in the mode.

– Other customization options include the ability to edit the rosters of each show, edit the tag teams, titles, and the story lines that take place in your Universe.

– Another NEW addition this year is the ability actual King of the Ring Pay Per View in Universe Mode. This can be done via the Pay Per View editor, that allows you to choose different themes for your Pay Per View’s [more info in video]. The King of the Ring winner will have the King of the Ring title by their name for the rest of the year.

– You will now be able to set Diva’s Titles as a major title.

Click here to watch full stream