WWE 2K15: A Special Look At The Fun

With WWE’s PPV, Hell in a Cell in the books, it comes to light what we are really looking forward to.

This past Monday’s Raw had many highlights (Mick Foley, baby!) but my favorite moment was the newest trailer for WWE 2K15 video game. This game is looking better and better the more I see from it and I wanted to write a quick article further hyping it.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 version come out October 28th and then 3 weeks later, November 18th, the PS4 and Xbox One version hit. Because of the fact the PS4/X1 version have many more game modes, better graphics and no doubt the better online support, there seems to be no viable reason to buy it on PS3/X360. I understand some people can’t afford to jump to next gen, but it seems worth it now. We finally have a healthy lineup of next generation video games and it seems only right that a good WWE game is going to be alongside of those.

Looking at the DLC that will carry new storylines from Mark Henry, Christian and The Ultimate Warrior (not to mention tons more content, superstars and Paige), this game has a plan to go beyond its release date. The reason to be excited about this year’s game is that WWE has SO much to lose from anything negative right now. With not so hot WWE Network numbers, drop in viewership, loss of partners from television providers carrying PPVs and just an all-around sour taste from certain internet marks over CM Punk, WWE has a lot to prove. If they can’t get back big talent to headline their PPVs, they need a good sub product. Bringing WCW Monday Nitro episodes to the WWE Network was a good start. Now, we need a good video game. This will allow disenchanted WWE fans (myself included) a chance to spice things up. John Cena vs The Ultimate Warrior or Undertaker vs Sting! Bring it on!

In summary of this quick article, buy the damn game. It’s going to allow a WWE product to stretch its legs into new territory in the next generation of gaming as well as give fans a new reason to like the product. Let’s just hope it’s as good as it looks.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.