WWE 2K15 Release Date Pushed Back?, Drew McIntyre Switches Tours, New Eden Video

– There’s talk of releasing the WWE 2K15 video game closer around WrestleMania 31 time instead of this fall to take advantage of the corporate synergy that’s going around that time of the year for WWE.

– Drew McIntyre noted that he was moved from the tour beginning today in Glasgow to the tour beginning tomorrow in Rome, due to a scheduling conflict.

– Cody Rhodes and his wife Eden spend Mother’s Day at a dog park in Eden’s latest video blog:

(Partial source: PWInsider)


    That wouldnt be right they always come out with the games a year before the next year so i doubt that rumor is true doesnt make sense to release 2k15 in the year 2015 while other games will be headed towards makin 2k16 that would be the dumbest move ever

    • http://www.ebw.net The Big Guy

      That only makes sense in game genres that have serious competition (FIFA-PES, COD-Battlefield, etc.). Wrestling games have absolutely NO competition, they can pretty much do what they want, extending the life of a game engine and release DLC periodically, thus increasing the game’s lifespan and decreasing development costs.

    • Yusei Asakura

      Basically what that article is giving insight on is ,.. basically more than what they wrote here

      Also gives them a chance to make it work for next gen consoles

      also would give them time to sort shit out with punk

      Also would give them time to possibly make the game better?
      Not to mention more worthwhile DLC

    • Lavell Veezy Kennell

      U right that would b dumb

  • Paul Petitfrere

    I don’t care what 2K does with 2015 as long as they bring back create a tron mode & make it available for PS3