WWE Accused Of Trying To Block MMA Legalization In Connecticut

WWE’s public position on Mixed Martial Arts is that MMA is not direct competition to sports entertainment, but a Connecticut lawmaker who is fighting to get the sport legalized in his state says WWE is campaigning against his efforts.

Connecticut state representative Matthew Lesser has introduced legislation for Mixed Martial Arts events to be held in his state, one of only 4 states that currently does not sanction the sport. Lesser argues that MMA is a safe, regulated sport and would bring a great deal of tax revenue to the state government.

While the MMA legalization movement is gaining momentum, Lesser claims that World Wrestling Entertainment is actually lobying against the cause, using it’s influence in the state to squash a potential competitor.

WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman said that WWE is not opposed to the MMA bill or anything else Connecticut wants to do with regards to sports or entertainment.

The General Assembly’s public safety committee is slated to hold a hearing on the bill Tuesday afternoon.