WWE Announcer Josh Mathews Released From The Company This Week

Josh Mathews has been released from WWE within the past 24 hours, according to a report by PWInsider. His profile has already been removed from the WWE roster page and placed under the Alumni roster.

Mathews has been with the company since the original Tough Enough reality series on MTV.

  • http://www.twitter.com/KnightGirlSarah ☆♥Sarah☆♥

    Nooooooooooo! Vince, Steph, HHH BIG MISTAKE! If they release Ricardo Rodriguez then we will really have a big fat issue! Ive seen that man wrestle hes good! Then again Josh was good to wrestling or not! WWE needs to get their butts together! Their Releasing good talent!

  • Guest

    Rumor is that he has been signed by ESPN.

    • Latoya

      I hope so.

  • ChrisUK92

    he was a massive joke…..

    • DanielsonFan

      PLease tell me how pleaaase i would love to know how. WWE gave him another option to beocome an announcer because they didn’t see him being a wrestler, and turned out to be a really good announcer. I don’t see how he is a “massive joke”.

  • Jonathan Baylor

    What the hell? So who now will do the pre show for Monday night. Josh is great at his job. WWE why are you releasing your best talent?

    • Justin

      Renee Young?

      • Jonathan Baylor

        It would have to be her. I can’t think of anyone else who would beable to do it.

        • Xx_Deadpool_xX

          Tom Phillips

  • Latoya

    Keeps getting better and better.

  • codys moustache

    Dammit!! Not josh matthews!!!!! Is nobody safe?!?

    • Jason

      Right? they keep making the stupidest decisions

  • Necro

    As long as Ricardo Rodriguez stays I don’t really care….Josh Matthews you were eh at best, preferred Byron Saxton.

  • David Wells

    So they get rid of Josh Matthews, but keep Michael Cole, what is this world coming to!

    • ksedude

      Michael Cole isn’t going anywhere ever. He’s been with WWE since the 90’s. No matter how much he sucks on commentary, I would be literally shocked if WWE released him. He’s a future hall of famer I 100% guarantee it.

  • Justin Hinkle

    Bet they’ll get one of those bland announcers from NXT like Tom Philips to take over as host on the Pre show stuff on the network. Mark my words.

  • TheJakeWaller

    they are releasing him because alex riley couldnt cut it as a wrestler, therefore riley will take his job as jobbing in a suit

  • Jason

    I guess after so much time trying to get former referee tim white not to commit suicide, takes allot out of a man. Bye Mathews.

  • ksedude

    I actually thought he did a good job on the pre-shows/backstage passes. Kind of surprising. Here’s hoping Renee Young can step up and do a good job as well.