WWE Attempting To Trademark “XFL”, Toronto Star Reviews WWE Studios’ “No One Lives”

– WWE is making attempts to register the trademark for XFL. The company have an existing live application for the term that was filed in 2009, which was done under XFL LLC. The application is still pending, as WWE has not provided a ‘Statement of Use’ for the trademark. The only difference is the new application is for use in wrestling and football.

– The Toronto Star features a review of WWE Studios’ No One Lives, which played this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival and it wasn’t favorable. Here’s part of what they wrote:

“While parts of it are deliberately campy, the low-budget production veers onto the amateurish and some of the jump cuts make it look like it was edited with a switchblade. Or make that a butter knife.”

(Source: PWInsider.com)

  • Tank

    Vince wants to stary XFL Extreme Football League Indoors to hire better football players & pay them more than AFL with better coaches with better pay and hotter cheerleaders with more sports entertainment with Ironman Football playing both ways & rock concert atmosphere and the ability to transition XFL players into pro-wrestling that are athletic.