WWE Aware Of Fan Plans To Hijack Monday’s Raw, Batista Reacts To Heel Promo, Cesaro Shirt

– There are fans online who have been pushing #HijackRAW hashtags for upcoming RAW tapings, including Monday’s RAW from Chicago. There is also a Twitter account set up to encourage fans to take over Monday’s show. WWE officials are aware of this and are planning accordingly.

– The biggest news coming out of the SmackDown Backstage Pass post-show is Renee Young talking to Batista after his heel turn promo. Batista said he says what he feels and means what he says, and doesn’t care who he hurts.

– PWMania.com correspondents who attended both NXT Arrival and the NXT TV tapings Friday night noted that merchandise sales seemed to be “on fire” for both nights. He said the best seller seemed to be Cesaro’s new shirt, which can be seen below and found on WWEshop.com:

(Partial source: F4Wonline.com)

  • Idolizer

    lol for a second there I thought that was a t-shirt promoting the Steven Colbert show.

  • James Humwood

    Nice to see cesaro feet in support he deserves it maybe wwe will actually push him if his sales are that good

  • Jonathan Clark

    love cesaro but that’s an ugly shirt. wrestling shirts arent usually great looking but that ones just bad.

    • Not Happening

      That’s the joke though. It’s supposed to look cheesy and stupid. Kind of like that Three Wolf + Moon shirt.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Who ever designed that needs their ass kicked

  • Coldgrits

    I think the point of the shirt is to be over-the-top, and so is pro wrestling so I’d say it fits in.

  • Eric

    That shirt looks very Alan from the Hangover-esque

  • Raihan Khan

    #wethepeople one is really cool, and wwe universe wwe has better plan for u, u wont win lmao

  • I dont know

    This shirt is hillarious, I love it.

  • Jerihoar

    Why would it matter, those idiots paired wwe so wwe already won.

  • Latoya

    Whatever plan they have they better hold on to it and upgrade it for WM30, because with this current card they will need it as well.