WWE Booking Long Term, Punk’s Return, Santino Broken Nose

– In a move that is sure to please many fans, WWE is planning to make changes to its booking philosphy, namely, focusing on more long-term booking. WWE made an unprecedented move several months back by announcing John Cena vs. The Rock for next year’s WrestleMania a full year in advance – and it appears we’ll be seeing more big matches set up this way. This is somewhat of an “old school” approach – with the company deciding on a featured match and then ‘working backwards’

– Santino Marella suffered a broken nose during a match taped prior to RAW for Thursday’s Superstars. Santino and Chris Masters wrestled WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty.

– According to reliable sources in WWE, the decision to have Punk return on this week’s RAW was not made until Monday afternoon. There had been some discussion about keeping him off television until next week, but WWE hit the “fast forward” button and brought him back earlier than originally planned.