WWE Cameras Visiting Zack Ryder’s Apartment, Cesaro Talks to Paul Heyman, Warrior’s Theme

– Michael Lindenbaum sent the following: I just wanted to let you guys know that at last night’s Washington Capitals game against the Chicago Blackhawks, The Ultimate Warrior’s theme song was played twice before the Capitals went on the power play. The person in charge for the music at the Capitals games is a huge wrestling fan, and when I asked him about it he said it was definitely done in tribute to Warrior. Daniel Bryan and Rob Van Dam’s theme songs were also played, and King of Kings beat I Walk Alone in a fan vote tonight.

– Zack Ryder noted on Twitter that WWE cameras will be coming to his apartment next week to film his action figure collection, likely in relation to his appearance on Wednesday’s Toy Hunter episode on The Travel Channel.

– In the video below, Paul Heyman talks to Cesaro about their new partnership: