WWE Champion CM Punk Reportedly Pulls Blade Job On Raw, No Backstage Reaction?

It was a move that we used to see every week but rarely see on WWE TV these days, WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly bladed on Monday’s RAW during the steel cage match against Jerry Lawler. Punk appeared to gig his forehead before returning to the cage a second time and then appeared to hand the blade off to referee Charles Robinson, according to F4WOnline.

We have not heard anything about Punk getting any backstage heat for the blade job, a sign of Punk’s status behind the scenes. Blading is absolutely prohibited in WWE these days.

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

  • http://twitter.com/becks3786 Scott Chapman

    just rewatched this and he does nothing prior to reentering the ring. he collects his title, gets a mic, throws title and mic in ring then gets the chain and padlock from the toolbox before entering the ring and batters king