WWE Compares John Cena To Superman, Goldust Falsely Advertised, Mick Foley At WWE Warehouse

– WWE published an article comparing John Cena to Superman. The article notes that many fans refer to him as “SuperCena” for his “seemingly superhuman strength and his ability to emerge victorious even when all of the chips are stacked against him.”

– Goldust is falsely advertised by an organization by the name of Platte Nebraska for an appearance for this weekend. Goldust noted to that the misleading advertising “won’t be tolerated.”

– Embedded in the video below is the latest episode of WWE Outside the Ring. This episode features Mick Foley visiting the WWE warehouse to shoot the cover of his new DVD. Foley noted that the warehouse was in an “undisclosed location,” and also commented on some of the items in the warehouse, including the steel chair that the Rock battered him with at The Royal Rumble in 1999.

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