WWE Confirms Injury To Bad News Barrett At Tuesday’s SmackDown Tapings

WWE’s website has confirmed that Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett suffered a shoulder injury during Tuesday night’s SmackDown tapings in Pittsburgh.

WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann spoke to WWE’s website and said Barrett ” … sustained an injury to his right shoulder when he was thrown into the barricade by Jack Swagger.”

“After Barrett felt an immediate pain and a pop,” continued Amann, “we brought him back to the training room and the exam showed a separated shoulder. We’re going to do some additional testing this week and then sit down with him and talk about options for treatment for this injury.”

No decision has been made yet regarding Barrett’s participation at Money In the Bank.

  • CMP

    Oh boy. Perhaps he’ll take some time off and WWE could repackage him yet AGAIN…give him his 11th theme song…and push him even more. Meanwhile impressive talents like Ziggler and Sandow could job out to Hornswoggle and Heath Slater.

  • Adnan

    Hopefully they will allow him to stay on the JBL and Cole show

  • JaG

    Just as he was starting to really gain some momentum….hopefully he won’t be out long and they can keep the title on him somehow. I’d hate to see them strip two people in the same month…

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    barrett dropping f bombs is actually hilarious, just youtube the last time he was injured on raw

  • Necro

    Here’s what I say, because I’m actually confident he was penciled in to win the MiTB, he wins the briefcase and loses the IC Belt soon after, that way he can rest his shoulder if this is super serious, and he can still get his push when he’s back to 100%