WWE Confirms Stipulation For Orton vs. Barrett PPV Match

According to WWE.com, in the Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett “Bragging Rights” PPV match we reported on previously, as a slight stipulation has been added.

According to the article, the newest Nexus member – John Cena – will be in the corner of Barrett during the match, as to continue the ongoing Nexus/Cena storyline.

The aforementioned WWE.com article states the following:

Forced to join The Nexus following an emotionally crippling defeat at Hell in a Cell, John Cena will be in Wade Barrett’s corner when the Nexus mastermind collides with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at WWE Bragging Rights.

The most vocal (and physical) opponent of The Nexus dating back to their initial Raw invasion back in June, Cena has reluctantly joined their ranks, wearing the ruthless rebel faction’s signature armband. At WWEBragging Rights, the nine-time World Champion could unwillingly play a role in helping Barrett capture Orton’s WWE Title and allow The Nexus to further exert its dominance in the process.

But Orton – no friend of either Barrett or Cena – has successfully battled the odds in recent weeks, with intense opposition seeming to only strengthen his resolve. In a Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions, The Viper overcame not only Cena and Barrett, but three other worthy adversaries to begin his sixth WWE Title reign.

Then, at Hell in a Cell, WWE’s Apex Predator remained at the top of Raw’s food chain when he made the calculating Sheamus taste cold, unforgiving steel inside the demonic structure after which the event is named.

Thanks to interference by season two NXT Rookies Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, Cena fell to Barrett that same night, with match stipulations mandating that he join The Nexus. At first, Cena resisted, vowing to use his new status as a member of The Nexus to destroy the group from within. However, Raw’s anonymous General Manager held Cena to his word: If Cena attempts to lash out against The Nexus in any way moving forward, his WWE contract will be terminated.

Although Cena’s ideals might clash with those of his Nexus cohorts, the group has already benefited from his enlistment. As the biggest wolf in Barrett’s ravenous pack, Cena was instrumental in helping Barrett earn the No. 1 contendership to the WWE Title in a Battle Royal just moments after his induction.

Can The Viper overcome Barrett with his longtime rival, Cena, standing in the opposite corner? Or will Cena aid his nefarious new leader in The Nexus’ quest for total domination of WWE? To find out, tune in to WWE Bragging Rights, Oct. 24, only on pay-per-view.