WWE Considering Future Plans for The Shield, Problems with WWE Tough Enough Filming?

– There has already been talk of reuniting Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose as The Shield in late 2015 or 2016. The idea is that they could bring them back together every few years like DX.

– At last word, filming for the next season of WWE Tough Enough was scheduled to begin this week but it’s reportedly up in the air due to the budget cuts and filming could be delayed. People involved with the show were told to reduce production costs.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Yoyo

    DO IT!

  • Bryan

    As much asni love the shield as a unit. Not so soon.

  • Bryan

    I have noticed that the seth’s from his betrayal is the only reason he’s over as a heel. After the heat dies down they will need to turn him face because he’s not a good heel. Ambrose is the only one that organically over right now

    • Yusei Asakura

      I gotta agree with you here Idk Unless you have this whole “Plan B thing” with him working with trips to turn on them to build up into a Survivor Series match

      he feels like a mini punk clone aside from a few promos

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    this would be a dumb idea to do every year. They shouldn’t reunite so soon. When the are all over as singles stars then they should pitch the idea of reuniting the Shield in the grandest and most unpredictable way possible particularly when a large threat like Evoltution/NWO/DX is on the horizon

    • ksedude

      I think that (after their feud dies down) they should keep those guys apart storyline wise for a while, maybe a couple years. Let The Shield name and hype die down. Then maybe in the future do an angle where a heel ex-member is turned on by The Authority (or whatever is the equivalent at that time) Randy Orton-Evolution 2004 style. Then after that an angle like McMahon-Michaels 2006 could follow…including The Shield equivalent of when Triple H came out to save Michaels. The roof almost blew off the building when DX reunited. The Shield could easy equal or top that crowd reaction if they do it right.

  • codys moustache

    Omg obviously that’s going to happen (think of the pop!!!) but who the fuck let that cat out of the fucking bag???! Jericho turns up without a whisper but a shield reunion is called a full year before we think it should happen?? Fucking blabber mouths!!!!!

  • randy orton

    what a lame ass idea, why not bring back Legacy while your at it

  • Arvind

    The DX reunion worked because they made us wait a good 7-8 years before we saw it. DX also worked because WWE allocated quite a bit of time each show just for their promos, antics and matches. The Shield are more of in-ring guys. Overall, DX has much more entertainment value than The Shield. The Shield should only be reuniting during those big shows like the 25th anniversary of Raw in 2017.

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    If this is gonna happen. WWE should reunite The Shield in late 2016 that’ll give more time for there singles careers

  • Guest

    They should bring back the nexus

  • Guest

    (Face turn ) Reunite the legacy
    Randy Orton , Cody Rhodes , Ted DiBiase , and 4th member is Curtis Axel

    Vs (face turn ) Reunite the shield Dean Ambrose , Seth Rollins , Roman Reigns
    And 4th member is Justin Gabriel

  • Guest

    APA as trios
    APA members Do a 3 man APA
    The shield Vs APA JBL (the commutator), Ron Simmons (hall of fame) and Ric Flair (heel turn)(nature boy)

  • Guest

    In 2020
    The Nexus is a heel turn of episode raw Roulette
    The shield is a face turn
    Out of no we’re nexus attacks the shield
    In Wrestle mania 36 in 2015
    the shield vs nexus

  • Bonner

    7 vs 3
    Nexus vs Shield
    Winner : bad news Barrett ( nexus)

    In 2020
    The Nexus is a heel turn of episode raw Roulette
    The shield is a face turn
    Out of no we’re the nexus attacks the shield
    In Wrestle mania 36 in 2020
    the shield vs nexus