WWE Creative Changes Revealed – Home & Traveling Teams

The WWE creative team reportedly now consists of two groups – the “home team” and the “traveling team.” The home team, mainly Stephanie McMahon and Brian Gewirtz, will be going to TV tapings less often with the idea that as soon as RAW is over, they and the other writers who don’t travel begin working on long-term programs and the following week’s shows. Former Baltimore Sun writer Kevin Eck has been mentioned as a possible member of the “home team.”

The “traveling team” will be led by head SmackDown writer Ed Koskey, head RAW writer Dave Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) and a lot of the newly hired soap opera writers. The writers are no longer traveling on WWE’s corporate jet and are flying commercial, having to drive from RAW to SmackDown instead of flying on the WWE jet.

“Air McMahon” is now being used for Vince McMahon, Triple H, John Laurinaitis and a few others. One person close to the situation said this is actually preferred over traveling on the jet with the negative being that you don’t get home until Wednesday after the tapings. WWE has chartered buses for their writers and producers in the past, depending on the distance between the cities that host RAW and SmackDown that week.