WWE Debuts New “Slam City” Cartoon; Watch The Official Trailer & First Four Episodes

PWMania.com reported in the fall of last year that the project for a new WWE cartoon was being worked on. Check out the trailer for a WWE’s new cartoon, WWE Slam City.

The cartoon features a new villain called The Finisher, who breaks into WWE headquarters and takes control from Vince McMahon, firing all the Superstars. They then have to maintain day jobs — for example, Alberto Del Rio goes to the local coffeehouse to be a barista, Randy Orton gets a gig as a zookeeper and Sheamus works as a movie-theater usher — while also figuring out how to get back in the ring and save WWE.

The first four animated episodes are online today via WWESlamCity.com and Mattel.com, the kid-friendly YouTube channel Cartoonium, Hulu, PlayStation, Xbox, AOL, Nintendo, Vudu, Google Play, Kabillion, iTunes and the newly launched WWE Network. The animation will air on the WWE Network’s live feed Saturday and Sunday mornings, and also is available on demand. The characters are based off Mattel toys of the same name. Below are the first four episodes:

  • George Solorio

    Im 21 years old.. but that shit looks sick!

  • George Solorio

    “I need you to fix my car so I can fit in it” lol fuck that’s funny