Former WWE Developmental Wrestler Kevin Matthews Continues To Blast Bill DeMott

Speaking to Shelly Martinez on the latest edition of Martinez Girlz Radio, Kevin Matthews continued to rail on head WWE developmental trainer Bill DeMott. The independent wrestler experienced DeMott’s rough training style first hand when he joined WWE as a developmental wrestler in 2006 and assigned to Deep South Wrestling. After parting ways with the company that very same year, Matthews has complained that DeMott “made (Deep South Wrestling) a living hell for anyone who wasn’t part of his clique” and called him “a rather disturbed, delusional, bipolar man who needs to seek professional help ASAP.” Matthews’ main point of contention is that DeMott’s classes resulted in talent, including himself, succumbing to countless injuries that could have been prevented had they not been pushed to work until they could no longer do so. Most notably, Angel Williams, famously known as Angelina Love, suffered a severe leg injury as a result of DeMott’s training style days before she was reportedly scheduled to be promoted to the main WWE roster as the manager of John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

“It was a boot camp style, but pointless boot camp. There was guy there, Mike Taylor, who was in the army, he said this was way worse than any boot camp he’s done in the army,” recalls Matthews.

Detailing a typical day, Matthews states, “We were running two miles today, 500 Hindu squats, hundreds of crunches, hundreds of push-ups. We had thirty guys one time, or thirty-one, something like that, where he lined us up all around the ring, and he would do this pretty frequently, where he would want every single person to count off to ten push-ups. Do the math on that. You wanna do thirty-one times ten really quick? Who the fuck can do three-hundred-and-ten push-ups? You would do it until you collapsed. Guys were just dropping. I got to whatever; fifty, and some guys would get up to sixty, seventy or so. But then even guys like Oleg (Vladimir Kozlov), and these guys who were huge; everyone was dropping. And then if you dropped, Bill was like, “Get up! Keep going! Keep going!

“Like three-hundred-and-ten push-ups after two miles of running, and all the pointless crap. This was just needless cardio for the first hour-and-a-half and then it turns into the three-and-half-hours of in-ring drilling. I don’t mean training, I mean drilling, where it’s in repetition.

“Case in point, it’s Angel Williams. Go do forty up-and-overs out of the corner. I’m going to shoot you in, up-and-over, go underneath, go to the other corner, up-and-over, underneath. And between twenty to forty of those. Angel Williams, like literally, did up-and-overs, until she blew out her patella tendon, and it snapped in half. Angel blew out her knee. Bill DeMott made her do the up-and-over drill, and then one day after doing fifty fucking up-and-overs, she needed to keep working on her up-and-overs. Her leg just blew out, tore her patella.”

Matthews details this and similar incidents involving DeMott on Martinez Girlz Radio, which is available here on iTunes.