Former WWE Diva Getting Married, Big Show Concerned About WM29 Weather, The Rock Talks

– Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis announced on Facebook page that herself and Mike Bennett will tie the knot on October 10th, 2014.

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– Big Show discussed WrestleMania being held in the New York area during an interview with Sports Illustrated. Here are some highlights:

“New York and New Jersey fans are like no other fans anywhere in the world. It’s funny because New York is known for being competitive. New York likes champions. If you’re not pulling your weight, New York lets you know. Trust me: If you have a crappy match, New York fans will let you know right in the middle of it. They’ll chant boring. They’ll chant you suck. They’ll chant you messed up. The pressure to do well is always a little bit higher in New York. But like anything, that pressure makes you better.

So the only thing that I’m a little concerned about is the weather. Because, you know, I’m not wearing much. I’m wearing Spandex. It’s gonna be a little chilly out there.”

– Extra’s Maria Menounos recently interviewed The Rock about GI Joe: Retaliation. You can watch the interview embedded in the video below.