WWE Diva Names Her New Finisher, Dusty Rhodes Talks More About WWE’s Best Talkers List


- As PWMania.com reported, WWE was asking talents to come up with names for their finishing moves. Rosa Mendes revealed on Instagram that she has a new submission called Rosa’s Thorn. Below is a photo of her using the hold on Natalya at a live event this weekend:

– Dusty Rhodes has been tweeting more about WWE’s 50 best talkers list:

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  • cj

    Rosa has the be the best untalented diva of all time. She’s been there since 2008, hasn’t accomplished anything, but she still has managed to keep her job. Never knew she had a finisher lol. Whatever thread she’s hanging on from is pretty strong.

    • Bryan Thomas

      Thread? Has to be a johnson lol

      • cj


  • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

    Who’s that eating the finisher? Natalya?