WWE Divas Speak Out Following AJ Lee’s Raw Promo, Maria Kanellis Responds To Divas

Following AJ Lee’s promo on RAW, The Bella Twins posted the following on Twitter:

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis responded with the following:

  • 3xplicit

    she is damn bitter

  • OJ Von Erich

    Maria pls…

  • cynicalmind

    But Maria is speaking the truth.

  • Cj

    Who are the other divas who the Bellas supposedly held back besides Maria ?

    • Demonic Sinn

      Maryse and Kelly Kelly

  • https://twitter.com/BillyBarnett3 ШШƐƬƝΑƒɑɳ® Rise Above Hate

    Why does she keep bashing the Bellas? It only makes her sound jealous.

    • Steven Buchanan

      she is jealous of everything men, men she wants, kaitlyn, the bellas and of course the title

  • Steven Buchanan

    aj great entertainer #crazy lol but how are you going to talk above veterans like natalya i see a war AJ will lose she got 1 friend who she cant trust lol

  • Steven Buchanan

    AJ also you became “famous” by sleeping your way to the top and dropped but gotta love your crazyness

  • Bella Admirer

    Maria doesnt even come close to either of the Bella Twins! Brie would whip Maria’s ass easily!

  • Yes

    The Bella’s are so obnoxious.

  • gustavov3

    as a mexican american i dont see what the big deal about the bellas is, they aren’t really all that beautiful. AJ cut a good promo,

  • Daniel Jake

    Aj is one of the best female preformers the wwe has …. What have the bellas achieved ??? And how much does cena influence there careers now that he’s banging one of them ??

  • Geoff

    Why are the Bellas breaking kayfabe? Not professional at all. And i’m pretty sure AJ Lee made it to the top because she was talented.

  • Orlando Calderon

    The Bella Twins are USELESS in WWE. They can’t wrestle at all. That is why they can’t get to the top. What AJ Lee said to the Total Divas is true. If these women want to get to the top, make sure you have talent and quit being a Barbie girl with this stupid reality show they have. AJ Lee wants to be a wrestler not a freaking model in which the Bella Twins are doing right now.