WWE Doing Community Service Work Today In LA, WWE Network Update, Ziggler, HHH-Lesnar

– Following last night’s SummerSlam kickoff party in Beverly Hills, WWE talent will be taking part in various community service activities today, with wrestlers visiting hospitals in the Los Angeles area and anti-bullying rallies taking place at schools.

Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio will be visiting Watts, a part of South Los Angeles known to be a violence-prone and impoverished area.

– WWE recently sent out a memo to fans asking for ideas for Classics On Demand in 2013. Since WWE won’t be launching the WWE Network until after Classics on Demand concludes, that’s another sign the Network won’t be launching this year.

– Dolph Ziggler took to Twitter and called his SummerSlam match against Chris Jericho the biggest match of his career.

– Speaking of Dolph, he and Vickie Guerrero are on a media blitz in Los Angeles this morning to promote SummerSlam. If you catch them on local TV or radio, feel free to send in a report.

– Several Divas and Superstars tweeted and touted their predictions for Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar this week.