WWE Edits Ryder’s Show Again, Barrett’s Lawyer, Goldust, Riley

– WWE Superstar Alex Riley turns 31 years old today.

– Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes has opened another Twitter account at @DRHODES_SAYS.

– Zack Ryder wrote that WWE censored this week’s YouTube entry again: “@WWE censored me again! WTF!!!”

– We noted before that Wade Barrett’s “lawyer” recently took over his Twitter account while he is away with injury. Here are some recent tweets from the account, one mentioning the Heath Slater vs. Flo Rida feud:

“In order to end any speculation relating to his motives behind the engagement of an attorney for the purpose of social media management, my client, Mr. Barrett, has instructed me to inform the general public that his reasoning is, essentially, two-fold. To wit: (i) time constraints, and (ii) a diminished tolerance of the hoi polloi. Regards, Peter Lazarou, Esq.”

“Money never sleeps, and neither does my client, Mr. Barrett. Regards, Peter Lazarou, Esq.”

“My client, Mr. Barrett, is enthralled by the prospect of @official_flo giving @HeathSlaterOMRB a good kicking. Regards, Peter Lazarou, Esq.”