WWE Employee From Alberto Del Rio Incident Reportedly Had Issues With Other WWE Stars

Some of the wrestlers were sympathetic to Alberto Del Rio after he was fired by WWE. Regarding the WWE employee that Del Rio assaulted, Cody Barbierri, one person said he was a “jerkoff who was very arrogant” but said he was intelligent and his attitude had flown under the radar of WWE officials.

Another source noted that Barbierri had a few situations while on the road with WWE over the past year and he had a reputation for talking down to wrestlers. However, Barbierri has had the backing of Stephanie McMahon and has been a key player in WWE’s social media department.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • xnyer

    If Cody had issues with other wrestlers maybe its Cody who is the issue and not the wrestlers

    • thesmarktank

      Well, DUH!!!

  • Jarryd

    Cody sounds like a right old C**T