WWE Employees Complaining About Eva Marie, Antonio Thomas Speaks Out, Hottest WWE Couple

Total Divas star Eva Marie being fast-tracked to the WWE roster in spite of her lack of wrestling experience has some people within the sports-entertainment organization upset.

Dave Meltzer revealed in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newseltter that each time Eva Marie competes on television, he’ll hear complaints from her co-workers. According to him, they are baffled with the 29-year-old wrestling on television while experienced developmental workers in Emma and Paige remain stuck in NXT.

Monday on Raw during a tag team match, Eva Marie secured her first pinfall by rolling up Tamina. She is scheduled to appear on the company’s tour of Europe, as she revealed on Twitter that she will be on hand for Saturday’s show in Munich, Germany.

Sexy Photos Of Eva Marie Looking Hot In Her First Official WWE Shoot

– Antonio Thomas, who competed for WWE in 2005 and 2006 as a member of The Heart Throbs, spoke to the The Sports Courier about his time with the organization (the relationship between WWE and Ohio Valley Wrestling while he was employed, working with Jim Cornette and Bill DeMott, his WWE match, the huge turnover of talent in the mid-2000s, etc.), his wrestling school, New England Championship Wrestling, the Boston Red Sox and more.

– Currently featured on the front page of WWE.com is a poll asking fans on the hottest couple. With over 130,00 votes cast, Lita and Edge are leading at 35%, followed by Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee at 18% and “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth at 15%.

AJ Lee spotted at airport with CM Punk – see photo

  • Jesse Bognanno

    eva marie is on the main roster only because she knows how to suck dick extremely well… and thats whats best for business!!!

  • SebastianKO

    “each time Eva Marie competes on television, he’ll hear complaints from her co-workers.”

    shouldn’t it be “his co-workers”? ;)

    • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

      No because Meltzer doesn’t work for WWE. He’s referring to Eva’s co-workers

      • ChrisUK92

        he’s saying shes a skank

        • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino


  • Noel Lackey

    I hate her beyond her character. She has no talent and the fact she was given the pinfall is a slap in the face to Tamina. There are a bunch of talented girls not only on the main roster but waiting to burst out of NXT that deserve alot more than her. The sad thing is that WWE is more concerned with pleasing the E! Network and promoting Total Divas than protecting their own talent.

  • Richard Martinez

    Eva Marrie is beyond words fucking terrible! She CAN NOT wrestle and that pinfall over Tamina was complete garbage. She did NOTHING but yell Brie and Nikki’s names the whole match and comes in with a half ass roll up making a Hall of Famers daughter look foolish. This bitch needs to go!

    • JT

      I dont think she should be let go. I agree with nick in the fact that she would better serve as a Valet, to be honest.

      • Richard Martinez

        She has absolutely no speaking skills. She’s like a scared robot out there. Don’t get me started on her stupid facial expressions. In fewer words, I hate her.

  • Nick Mancuso

    She can’t wrestle, can’t cut a promo, and appears to be hated by everyone on the roster…… but by gawd is she smokin’ hot…. if she was placed in a valet role like Ms Elizabeth or early Trish Stratus I wouldn’t complain

    • ChrisUK92

      she’s not smoking hot, she’s a tramp. summer rae, paige, emma, bailey, all of the nxt divas are sexier than her and are much more talented in every respect

      • Nick Mancuso

        Remember, a lot of Total Divas is worked so the Fandango stuff was all a work. It’s absolutely subjective, but there’s no denying her sex appeal. Workrate doesn’t=Sexiness (although I agree all the NXT divas are hot in their own way) And she obviously has heat from at least you, so she would work as a good manager for a new heel or a heel who just turned and is struggling to get over. And I think we can all agree she’s already so much better than goddamn Sable.

      • Jeremy

        Don’t be mad because you never touched a tit.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t give a shit about women’s wrestling, I just want to see hot women.