WWE: Extreme Rules 2013 Predictions

No introduction, no waiting, just straightforward predictions!

-Siddharth Grover

Miz vs Cody Rhodes

The pre-show of the evening, the Miz will face Cody Rhodes. Surprisingly, the WWE is burying these superstars by not giving them an actual storyline, and while the Miz can go and film movies, Rhodes will be stuck losing to upper mid card stars like Randy Orton and Sheamus. Therefore, my prediction is that Cody Rhodes wins this bout, so that the Miz can go and film movies and Rhodes can have a legit push, or, knowing WWE, he could be buried more. Hopefully, Cody Rhodes wins the Intercontinental Championship or the Money in the Bank this year, since he does deserve it, and is one of the best talents on the roster.

Reigns/Rollins vs Hell No

The tag team bout on the card, Team Hell No, consisting of the ‘American Dragon’ Daniel Bryan and the ‘Big Red Monster’ Kane, will take on two of the members of the Shield: Roman Reigns, the power house and Seth Rollins, the high flyer of the group, for the tag team championships. Team Hell No have had a great tag team run so far, and have had the championships for nearly a year now, and have managed to co-ext in peace, even due to the fact that they had anger management problems. The Shield is an excellent faction and Reigns and Rollins are two of its pivotal members. Reigns and Rollins have been tagging since their debut, alongside Dean Ambrose (who will compete later) and they know each others strength’s and weaknesses. Therefore, in my opinion, Rollins and Reigns will win the tag team championships on Sunday, as they mercilessly defeat Bryan and Kane.

Ambrose vs Kingston

In my opinion, this is going to be one of the best wrestling bouts of the night, and maybe even the year. Kofi Kingston, who’s recently on a hot streak after defeating Antonio Cesaro is going to face the unofficial leader of the Shield: Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose has been on a role as of late and is prepared for Extreme Rules to face Kofi Kingston. The Shield will won both their matches to cement their dominance in the WWE, therefore, I predict the ‘Living Legend’, Dean Ambrose to steal the pinfall and win the US Championship.

Orton vs Big Show

The Largest Athlete in the World, the Big Show will face Randy Orton to end this horrible feud. The WWE does not care about this feud, and has provided up with very little build up, and therefore, even I don’t care about this match. My prediction is that Orton wins the match and is stuck in the mid card again.

Jericho vs Fandango

One of the most interesting superstars in the WWE currently vs one of the greatest legends in the world, Fandango will take on the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, Chris Jericho. This feud has been building up for weeks, and Jericho has proved that he is a true legend, as he’s giving a great push to Fandango via this feud. There’s no doubt in my mind that Fandango, after this feud, will hold a singles title, and that’s all because of Jericho, but for now, this feud will end at Extreme Rules with the face getting his revenge. Hence, Chris Jericho will cheekily win the match clean, yet this loss would only help Fandango in the long run.

Henry vs Sheamus

One of the most intense rivalries in the WWE currently, Mark ‘Ratings’ Henry will take on the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, in a strap match. In this feud, roles have seemingly been reversed as Henry plays the heel (yet face) and Sheamus plays the face (yet heel). Mark Henry needs to prove to the world why he still is the strongest man and he should defeat the Great White to ignite the feud.

Del Rio/ Swagger

A rivalry going on since Elimination Chamber, Del Rio and Swagger will have another match to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match was originally supposed to be a World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, but due to the concussion suffered by Dolph Ziggler, the current World Championship will not compete, and thus he will be resting, as he sees his rivals compete for the number one contender spot. The face needs to win due to the balance in the feud, therefore, Alberto Del Rio will win and Jack Swagger will continue to suffer due to his DUI.


Feed Me More vs You Can’t See Me: The Champ, John Cena will defend his WWE Championship against the monster, the Ryback, in a Last Man Standing match. As Ryback turned heel, he got a load of momentum, and now he’s set to win the WWE Championship. Only John Cena stands in his path, and with his injury, Cena isn’t even his 100%, and with Ryback as his opponent, expect Cena to lose to the Ryback. Right? Wrong. John Cena will overcome the odds and he will retain his championship somehow. Reason? He’s John Cena.


The fiercest rivalry in the WWE at present, the monster of destruction, accompanied by Paul Heyman, will take on the King of Kings, in a steel cage match. They have had three matches so far, and my gut tells me that we will see a best of five series with this being the third contest. Therefore, to balance the scores out, I predict that Lesnar will win the match and would get a mind games advantage over the Game himself, to add fuel to the fire.