WWE Feature Monday’s Raw Crowd, John Cena’s Beef With R&B Singer, Bruno On CM Punk

WWE has an article up looking at the rowdy crowd from Monday’s WWE RAW, questioning if it was the best crowd in WWE history. The article said that the reaction to Ziggler’s World Heavyweight title win was deafening and that it “was a true star-making moment for WWE’s newest champion.” Wade Barrett called the audience “the best crowd America’s ever seen.”

You can check out some pretty funny videos of the Raw crowd singing and dancing to Fandango’s theme song from after Raw went off the air by clicking here.

– John Cena told to CNN that he wouldn’t mind going toe-to-toe with R&B singer Ray J. Apparently Cena is not a fan of his new track called, “I Hit It First”, which references the singer’s former girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

“If he’s ridiculous enough to make a song as stupid as that, he certainly is ridiculous enough to make a bad decision to step in the ring with John Cena anytime, anywhere. I would love for him to be a superstar for a day on WWE and I’d hopefully knock some class into him.”

– Bruno Sammartino tweeted this photo and caption about CM Punk’s drug free lifestyle.

  • Helen Kyle Redemption2

    Cena is right. Really someone always “hits” first