WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny Giving Fans The Chance To Pose In Bed With Her

WWE Hall of Famer Sunny is giving fans the chance to get in bed with her at the upcoming Legends of the Ring convention on October 5th in Monroe, New Jersey. She posted on Facebook:

“Hey SUNNY FANS!! This is YOUR CHANCE to get UNDER THE COVERS WITH ME!! At the Legends of the Ring Convention, 10/5/13, I will be offering special photo ops! Your choice: for $50 you get to have your photo taken laying next to me in bed, and for $75 you can have your photo taken ‘spooning’ or with me lying my head on your chest! Was I your TEENAGE CRUSH?? Now is your chance to make that dream a REALITY!!!


and YES, I WILL be wearing a little item from my LINGERIE DRAWER!!”

  • Marc

    If this were 1996 Sunny I would pay an ungodly amount. 2013 Sunny? I think I’ll pass.

    • Gob1in

      Ha ha, agreed. Maybe be in the 90s it would be an easy decision. Nowadays, maybe not not so much.

  • Brad

    Agreed. 96 Sunny was hot beyond belief.

  • Jesse Bognanno

    i bet she’ll be back in jail before this happens then has to cancel and lose out on the 3 fans that would wanna get in bed with her