WWE Honors Randy Savage On Raw, CM Punk Pays Tribute

WWE paid tribute to the late Randy Savage on Raw with an “In Memory of” graphic at the beginning of the show and a video package showcasing his career prior to the evening’s main event.

The package highlighted his legendary match with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at WrestleMania III, on-screen relationship with Miss Elizabeth, trademark mannerisms and other career milestones.

Prior to the airing of the video, Jerry Lawler said of the wrestling legend, “Savage will always be a Hall of Famer, no matter what.”

CM Punk punctuated the Savage tribute by wearing “Macho Man” style yellow boots and pink trunks during the Raw main event.

John Cena posted a fan’s remark on Twitter regarding Punk’s tribute. It reads: “pink trunks, yellow knee pads? How gay are you? I’m returning your action feagure to the store. I’ll choose @JohnCena instead.”

Cena responded, “Please don’t. It was a tribute to randy savage. It was f’n awsome. I was proud to be out there with him.”

See the Randy Savage tribute video from Raw ->