WWE Hosting Basketball Game In LA, Former NXT Diva Wants Money From WWE?, Media Day

– Renee Young and Stephanie McMahon will be appearing on Friday at a Special Olympics basketball game that WWE is hosting. It will benefit the Special Olympics at the Santa Clarita Sports Complex in California. The two teams will be coached by Mark Henry and Alicia Fox.

– Dmitry Shakhov sent the following in:

There is a interesting story about former WWE employee Anna Bogomazova (NXT Diva Anya) in the Russian news. I will try to translate to you. She was the first Russian in WWE. In 2013 she broke her arm in a training session. During the healing process somebody from WWE called her and told her that they no longer needed her services. Anna said: “In history of WWE they never fired injured wrestlers. Usually WWE gave a second chance after injury. Even if you had a injury you continue to work there. You are visiting acting technique”. Now Anya and her lawyer want to get some money for injury and extra for damages. She had two surgeries and now she has a scar on her hand. She is trying to get in shape and dreaming about returning to the ring. They have had negotiations with WWE and if it fails then Anya is ready to go to the court. Also they had some stupid stuff in the video (an interview with her former coach) about injury. He said that she became a star in USA and took somebody’s spotlight so injury is not coincidence, it was a setup. But that part is just ridiculous because his kind of people in Russia doesn’t understand what is WWE really is. Also, and Anya never made it to TV. She was no good on mic. It was a long road anyway so I understand why they did what they did. You can watch the video by clicking here.

– It’s SummerSlam media day for several WWE talents in Los Angeles today. Stay tuned for interview recaps this weekend.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Lmao Anya gurl, go do something else. you’re such a damn mess anyway

  • http://marcktvmovies.blogspot.mx/ Marck-WWEDivas

    Poor Anya, she was replaced with the Ravashing Russia Lana

  • http://twitter.com/xfoxylicious xFoxylicious.

    This irrelevant Russian gorilla thinks it was a set up…. please, reports said you sucked anyways. There’s always a reason for developmental talents being released…. girl, you won’t win and you won’t get crap from WWE.
    Find your own life.