WWE Raw Live Event Results (3/16/13) – Providence, RI

Here are results from Saturday night’s WWE Raw live event in Providence, Rhode Island:

Show kicks off at 7:30 with Matt Striker as our host. House is full other than a few seats.

Match #1
– Tensai & Brodus Clay w/Cameron & Naomi vs Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater of 3MB w/Jinder Mahal

Match started off a bit slow but picked up near the end when Brodus made the hot tag to Tensai. Tensai cleaned house and Brodus/Tensai got the win off a double big splash. Dance party followed. Fun match and Tensai was very, very popular with the crowd.

Match #2
– Zack Ryder vs Darren Young

Short match here with Young in control for the most part. Lots of “Woo! Woo! Woo!” chants. Ryder gets the win the Broski Boot and then Rough Ryder combo.

After the match The Shield storm the ring, beat down Ryder and cut a fantastic promo.

Match #3
– Tamina Snuka w/Vickie Guerrero vs Kaitlyn – Divas Championship

Kaitlyn got the win in a short match after hitting a nice spear.

Match #4
– Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler w/AJ & Big E – No Disqualification

Fantastic match here. Jericho had the crowd in the palm of his hands getting Y2J and “AJ’s crazy” chants going. Started off with a lot of playing to the crowd but with these two, it was all entertaining. Jericho is a true showman. We got some kendo stick action and a couple chair moves in this one. AJ gets ejected about halfway through. Ziggler almost wins with the super kick and almost wins again after Big E interferes. Jericho locked in the Liontamer/Walls Of Jericho at one point. Jericho wins with the Codebreaker. Awesome stuff.

15 minute intermission. Slice of pizza is $5. Glad I went to an iHop afterwards.

Match #5
– R-Truth vs Titus O’Neil

Felt bad for Titus, crowd was chanting “You can’t wrestle” nearly the entire match. Truth won with a roll up that honestly seemed like Titus was supposed to kick out of.

Match #6
– Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston vs The Miz – US Title

Miz was super popular here. Almost Cena level cheers. Cesaro was probably the most popular bad guy of the night other than possibly Ziggler. Really fast paced action, tons of near falls and a couple incredible looking counters from Cesaro. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale to Kofi and Cesaro steals the pin. After the match, Cesaro sneaks back down and attacks Miz but Miz and Kofi hit their finishers on him and shake hands.

Main Event
– The Shield vs John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback

Crowd was hot for Sheamus, VERY hot for Cena (still plenty of Cena Sucks chants though) but massively hot for Ryback. Match was amazing. The Shield had lots of control segments but they were all perfectly set up. WWE has utilized a group this well in ages. Rollins was the MVP of the match. Guy was pulling out all the stops and even dominated John Cena for a good chunk of the match. Each guy got their time to come in off a hot tag and shake things up. Crowd was very interesting. There were points in the match where The Shield were getting big pops. Ambrose and Reigns were like madmen here. Hot tag to Ryback near the end and he cleans house. Ambrose eats a clothesline and sells it like a champ. Ryback goes for the Shellshocked but before he can hit it, Rollins hits him with a chair, ending the match in DQ. They beat down Ryback but Cena and Sheamus make the save and the good guys hit their finishers and send the fans home happy. Awesome match and awesome show!

Biggest Pops:
Tie: Miz/Sheamus/Jericho

Biggest Heat:
The Shield
Vickie Guerrero
Dolph Ziggler/Antonio Cesaro

Also, lots and lots of Ryback merch in the crowd. Lots of Cena stuff to as expected. Good amount of Punk and Rock gear too.

  • Gav Harrison Formaly Hickman

    Almost Cena level cheers?cena doesn’t get supers cheers anymore have you not heard the crowds it’s boo’s pretty much every week