WWE Issues Quick Statement Regarding CM Punk Signing With UFC

CM Punk

CM Punk’s former place of employment, World Wrestling Entertainment, has publicly acknowledged the big announcement that was made at Saturday night’s UFC 181 pay-per-view.

Despite parting ways on not the best of terms, WWE decided to issue a quick one-line statement, wishing Punk, real name Phil Brooks, the “best of luck in his newest endeavor.”

The quick one-line statement WWE issued reads as follows:

“WWE wishes Phil Brooks (aka CM Punk) the best of luck in his newest endeavor.”

  • Yoyo

    ‘WWE wants to make things civil just in case you do well and turn yourself into a mainstream star. Then you can main event Wrestlemania’

    • jessebrown1996 .

      How does that make any sense? It’s not like CM Punk is a nobody.

      • kalluto

        Funny you asked that when the one making no sense is.. you

        • Guard

          Punk was the biggest star in wwe he even wrestled the undertaker for the streak so jessebrown1996 is right

      • Yoyo

        Get lost you Jesse.

  • RReigns121314

    Yep… Time to let it go now WWE!…… Unfortunately.

  • Grant Ryan Lenton

    WWE spent the best part of 2014 pretending Punk didn’t exist, now in the space of about a week they’ve mentioned him on the Network, Smackdown! and issued a ‘statement’ on WWE.com. Seems quite desperate to me.

  • TheJakeWaller

    this is just as jab at cm punk, everyone that knows punk or has any knowledge of punk knows that he hates beng called phil

    • ScrappyV1

      He is going to be called Phil CM Punk Brooks in UFC. I think that he doesn’t like to be called Phil by random fans. I could be wrong though.

      • LissaG

        You’re not wrong. He said exactly that in the AOW Podcasts.

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    Well Punk was wrong about that.

  • Kala Lina

    Punk said in an interview that WWE fired him on his Wedding Day. Couldn’t even let the man enjoy the happiest day of his life marrying is beautiful wife

  • Jayzero

    lol, WWE is so shady. Calling him Phil and basically “future endeavoring” him.

  • Necro

    CM Punk wants to main event Wrestlemania, by any means necessary, if it means going to UFC and becoming an even bigger name to come back and headline like Lesnar is, than so be it….#Kappa