WWE Issues Statement on Lana’s Promo At WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View

– WWE issued the following statement on Lana’s promo at WWE Battleground:

“Last night’s segment during WWE’s Battleground event was in no way referring to the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. The storyline with characters Rusev and Lana has been a part of WWE programming for more than 3 months. WWE apologizes to anyone who misunderstood last night’s segment and was offended.”

  • thesmarktank

    Yes, defuse and deflect. Nice play.

    But honestly, I’d use the plane angle. Look at the Gulf War stuff from 91!!! Or any of the Russian characters during the Cold War. This generation is too PC, and we suck for it.

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    LOL WWE being WWE.

    • tobimobi

      Better that than them being totally gutless and releasing her. She’s to hot to let go.

  • Sir William McCormick Esq

    Well, they are right. If anything they should use it. Real issues get real heat. Fact of life.

  • http://twitter.com/xfoxylicious xFoxylicious #Foxin365

    Better not release her or plain bury her for something stupid.

  • hisfirewithin

    When I see stuff like this, it makes me long for the old school wrestling business. They are too fat and happy in Stamford these days. What she and Rusev did was draw some serious hot old school heat, and it left everyone watching Battleground wanting to see Swagger thoroughly kick the crap out of Rusev, which helps both guys. The business needs the controversy and the buzz. So, what do they get for being the only heels in WWE who actually know how to be legit heels? Neutered by a press release. Nice work.