WWE Issues Statement On Technical Issues During NXT Arrival

Published On 02/28/2014 | By PWMania.com Staff | News

WWE have issued the following statement in regards to the network difficulties WWE Network subscribers had watching NXT Arrival last night.

During tonight’s live NXT ArRIVAL special, we unfortunately experienced technical difficulties, which are to be expected when launching a new digital network. We will work aggressively to solve these glitches and deliver quality service. The complete event will be available on-demand overnight.

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  • 315fedowl

    Not to worry. No one was watching NXT Arrival.

    • Emre ERGÜN

      Are you kidding me? It was an amazing show.. Whoever that didn’t watch this show, missed alot… And if people chose TNA over NXT Arrival, I don’t know what world they’re living in… It was Great with a capital G

      • thedonone

        Are you on drugs

      • ***I R I S***

        I have to agree… it really was awesome

    • SpaceTruckin92

      Speak for yourself, kid.

    • Tyrone Dudley

      How did it feel to grow up with a name like “No one”?

      • 315fedowl

        Is that supposed to be clever?

        • Tyrone Dudley

          Well, I’m not really a self-promoter…

    • Mordecai

      I was and it was an incredible show. I’m sorry you can’t afford $10 a month to see show like NXT and every PPV.

      • 315fedowl

        It’s not that I can’t financially afford it.

        It’s that I refuse to waste my time watching shit like that.

        • Emre ERGÜN

          Then get out of here, if you don’t care about wrestling or NXT… This is a wrestling-based website..

        • Mordecai

          stick with TNA then, you can be 1 of the 4 that continue watching that pile of dogshit.

          • 315fedowl

            Morons. I like wrestling. Most likely far more than either of you. And yes I like TNA. And ROH. WWE frustrates the hell out of me because they have the available talent, but they insist on pushing people like Orton and bringing back Batista. NXT is not the way to go, turning everyone into the same generic cookie-cutter “sports entertainer”. WWE has more than enough actual wrestling talent to be fucking brilliant now, but instead the sheeple like you happily swallow The Triple-H And Stephanie Sports Entertainment Variety Show.

            Again, I love WRESTLING. I love watching talented wrestlers having great matches. I don’t like watching untalented clowns performing their Action Soap Opera Pure Entertainment for the benefit of Stephanie and her bignosed husband.

          • Mordecai

            NXT Arrival had a 15 minute Diva’s match between two Diva’s that are incredible, had a 30 minute match between two ROH alum’s, and a guy from DGUSA won the title.

            So thank you for proving to everyone that you know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about. Have you even bothered to notice that WWE’s biggest star is a 190 lb. vanilla midget? And please don’t give me crap about WWE is burying Bryan. If that was that case, he’d only be only Main event, not closing RAW.

            Maybe if quit being a negative nancy and sat back to enjoy the product, you might actually like it.

            And yeah, the Wyatt’s and the Shield are cookie-cutter performers?? Everything I’m seeing coming out of NXT is variety.

          • 315fedowl

            Bwahahaha! Who is headlining Mania? Do you deny that wrestlers with individual styles are sent to be “corrected” so they can work WWE style? Do you deny that people are not allowed to choose their own identities, write their own promos etc. because everything comes from the same bland “Creative Team”? And longer matches doesn’t mean good matches. There have been some classic matches that lasted 5 or 6 minutes, and there have been long snoozefests. In addition, the fact that everyone is essentially having the same match gets very boring very quickly. Remember when everyone had their own in-ring style, and so you saw a wide variety of matches, not just different people doing the same stuff all evening?

          • Mordecai

            Ambrose is very similar to what he was, as is Rollins. Luke Harper is almost exactly how he was in the Dragon Gate.

            Dude your confused. Different people doing same stuff??? Yeah, look around at whose being pushed at the moment, all are very unique ….. DB, Shield, Wyatts, Ceraso …. none of them close to being similar to Batista, Cena or Orton.

          • 315fedowl

            Who’s the WWE World Champion? Who’s facing him at the biggest show of the year? Now, why are those guys called “Ambrose”, “Wyatt” etc. And do you honestly believe they haven’t all been made over for WWE rings?