WWE’s Jack Swagger – What’s Next For The Real American?

The career of Jack Swagger has had it’s ups and downs. In 2009 & 2010, Swagger was very successful as he won both the ECW & World Heavyweight Titles. After this he fell down the ranks a bit, but he rose back to prominence after aligning with Zeb Colter & Cesaro. They became one of the most popular teams on the roster during the past year. Despite not winning the tag team titles, they put on outstanding matches and the crowd really caught on to them.

Recently, Cesaro moved on to other things and Swagger has seemingly began to fall down the ranks of the WWE roster once again. It’s sad to see such a wonderful talent beginning to fall back into a slump, but unless WWE changes plans, that’s exactly what will happen.

What can WWE do with Swagger to keep him relevant? Well, there are many options. All of which have potential to be very entertaining. The first thing that WWE could do is turn Swagger face by having him go up against Alexander Rusev.

Rusev hasn’t been on the main roster long, but he’s already on the most hated superstars. I think a feud with Swagger would do wonders for Rusev as well as Swagger. Rusev has been the dominant Russian and the time will come for someone to shut him down and that someone should be The Real American, Jack Swagger.

The WWE Universe already says “We The People” with Swagger & Colter each week even though they’re booked as heels. Imagine how popular Jack Swagger would be if he stood up to the monster russian, Rusev. The crowd would automatically love Swagger thus making the face turn a success.

WWE has actually already been teasing a Rusev/Swagger feud. On Smackdown, Lana caused Swagger to become distracted during his match with Big E which ended up costing him the bout. Let’s hope WWE continues with this story.

Another option WWE has is to place Swagger into the United States Championship picture. Giving Swagger the championship that his name reflects would be best for business. A lengthy title reign as the United States Championship would be a great way to keep Swagger relevant and in a solid spot on the card.

WWE could also combine both of these ideas and have Swagger feud with Rusev over the United States Title. Beyond elevating both Swagger and Rusev, a meaningful rivalry for the title would bring back some much needed prestige to the championship. Swagger and Rusev have potential to create great matches as well. Both men are very physical in the ring, it would be interesting to see how their styles would clash.

The ideas mentioned above have potential to be very entertaining. It would make for quality television and help the careers of two young talents.

Whatever WWE decides to do with the Real American, I hope they don’t let him backslide to the bottom of the roster. He has too much potential to let it go to waste. Beyond that, there are many great options as for what to do next with him. Let’s hope WWE keeps Swagger in a good position on the roster. Only time will tell what the future holds for Jack Swagger.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • JaG

    I’m a huge advocate for Swagger vs. Rusev, but they need to end this random Rusev/Big E feud asap in order to set it up right. Why is Big E (a static wrestler that the crowd shows little interest in) be “representing” America when you have a character whose referred to as the “Real American?”

    • bigmanfromnewfoundland

      100% agree there.

      No real knock against Big E, cause I do like him and though I’ve been a up & downer on Swagger, Swagger vs Rusev over US title would be gold. Swagger wins from Sheamus, Rusev can simply challenge because the Russians are so called better, he can win and have Swagger fight for “Every Real American” to get it back.

      + Colter can have new deportation signs barring Rusev & Lana exclusively.

    • The 1 Zack Schloemer

      i think you have a very good point there

  • sam

    team him up wid ryback..:D similar ring gear

    • Jordo

      I love the logic behind this one…

  • Todd Farabee

    swagger as a heel vs the goody 2 shoes cena for the wwe whc could work

  • hisfirewithin

    Well, this was either completely obvious or prophetic.

  • PandaBread

    I prefer Rusev. I’d probably like swagger better if he got rid of Zeb Colter.