WWE Keeps Punk & Ross Returns A Secret, Reks’ Raw Appearance

— Tyler Reks, who has portrayed a heel character since debuting last October on the SmackDown brand, went on Twitter to defend himself for congratulating Rey Mysterio on his WWE Championship victory on Monday’s Raw.

Reks wrote, “Lotta talk about me celebrating Rey’s win with everyone last night. Bottom line is that Rey is my friend & I wanted to say congrats. No crime in that.”

— WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race is advertised to host SmackDown live events on August 27th, 28th and 29th in the state of Missouri as WWE stops in Cape Girardeau, Springfield and St. Joseph.

— WWE officials went to great lengths to keep the arrivals of both CM Punk and Jim Ross a secret before they aired on Raw. Both talents were hidden from almost everyone in the organization. They were sent to different hotels from everyone else in fear that someone would see them and relay it online. Neither came into the Hampton Coliseum until they were given the cue to appear, both being sequestered somewhere on the premises. They were not even on the sixth and final script for the show and aside from those who had to directly interact with them on television, all performers weren’t aware of either of talent being in Hampton, Virginia. Ironically, the arena itself was advertising Punk for the event.