WWE Kevin Nash: Why a Comeback From the Diesel is Not Needed

For those who haven’t heard, there is a possibility of Kevin Nash returning to WWE. Or should I say, come back. Now, what’s the difference you may ask? Well, dating back to last year Nash signed a legends deal. Knowing Nash and his business sense, it was long term. The deal was probably lucrative money wise, and it had anything wrestling wise in a part time scale.

Thing is, I cannot confirm he is under contract. BUT, if we’re talking Nash, he most likely is under a legends deal with WWE currently. Nash admitting to signing the deal dating months back, so we can confirm he did at one time, sign a deal. Now, last year Nash was set to face off with CM Punk and the match quickly changed out of no where. No one really knew why. That is, until Nash let us in on the fact he was taking a medication that set off radars for the medical tests. They said he could not perform, which probably shocked creative. Mainly because they were too stupid to check that stuff before putting a guy in a storyline. Less learned, right WWE?

Here’s the thing, Nash is in probably the best shape he has been in since before he went to TNA. This is great for him, but he still has a past full of leg injuries, specifically his knee. Taking weight off of them was terrific for the big man. BUT, the injured past is still there.

Add in the fact that Nash has to pass medical testing again, which all signs point to a 50/50 shot of actually happening, and you have a situation if you’re one, Triple H. Nash and Trips have a history together, everyone knows that. Nash is a good friend of The Game, and he was probably brought back in because of Trips.

Is that bad? Well, not if things work out really. But the sad part is, nothing did work out other than a story that never got resolved on TV. Oh, lest we forget Nash’s Royal Rumble return last year.

I think bringing Nash back to TV would be a mistake. Sure, Nash is in great shape. But can he still wrestle well? I doubt it. He was never really that good anyway. So now, I’m to expect him to suddenly come back and be Bret Hart in the ring? No.

Add this to the simple fact that WWE already has talent on the roster that deserve a spot on TV. Guys like Seth Rollins, Leo Kruger, and Dean Ambrose for example have yet to see time on the main card. Rollins however, did see camera time because of the Cena video package at FCW.

I wanna see FCW stars get a spot on TV, not see yet another past star come back and take TV time away. Signing guys like The Rock and Brock Lesnar, both still huge names that can still look good in the ring is one thing. But guys like A-Train and Nash back on TV? No thank you. I for one, want to see the future on TV, not the past. If I wanted to see older stars making a fool of themselves wrestling past the time they should, I’d watch TNA.


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