WWE Legal Representatives Seize Bootleg Material At WrestleCon Today

WWE legal representatives have reportedly swept through vendors at Wrestlecon today to seize “bootleg” materials such as DVD’s, t-shirts, etc. that were being sold by some of the the vendors in town for the event.

The representatives had a legal order signed several days ago that allowed them to seize any material sold within five miles of WrestleMania. This is a standard tactic that touring acts do to prevent bootleg t-shirts being sold outside their events. Since Wrestlecon fell within that perimeter, WWE went by to see what was being sold.

Those who had bootleg material seized were given a court date to appear and try to argue their case as to why the material should be returned and risk paying damages.

WWE took personal information of those who were selling materials. WWE also had a list of their copyrights and trademarks to show how they were being infringed upon.

(Source: Pwinsider)

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