WWE: Let’s Make Booker T Relevant Again

​”What the hell?” “Oh my god!”

These two sentences will be remembered by every one of this generation. These short phrases, although don’t hold much value, but they still are known, because of the repeated emphasis on them. Who does that, you might ask? It’s the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time world champion, Booker T.

Booker T was placed at the commentary booth on the Smackdown after the Royal Rumble. While this did not seem as a good move at first, it’s slowly becoming the most entertaining part of Friday Nights.

Booker T began to use his catchphrases throughout Smackdown, and it made his character famous. While Cole used to add depth in the storytelling, and while Matthews used to do play-by-play every day, it was Booker who used to add entertainment to the product.

Then, a factor played a huge part in what Booker is right now: his botches. Every week, he used to botch one line, or either say something that did not make sense. Either way, it ensued hilarity. From “Shucky Duck Quack Quack” to “My boy, D-Bry”, Booker continued to bring entertainment to the product.

But soon, WWE realized this, and started mocking Booker T because of it. Now, you see Michael Cole take random shots at Booker for no reason, and also, they highlight the fact that Booker doesn’t know what he is speaking.

Now, the WWE Universe considers Booker T as a joke, but he can add a lot of value to the announce table with his experience. WWE needs to make Booker relevant now. How would they do that? Let’s see what the E’ can do in this situation, my way.

​Personal note: I’ll be playing the part of a member of the WWE Creative team, and I’ll be making the plan on Booker’s relevancy.

To revive his character, first, make him speak logical phrases on commentary. Sure, he can still have his catchphrases, but then, with his experience, say a few logical things on the table. Describe a move, add to the story in the ring, and also not divert from the match.

Next, make Michael and Josh stop. Don’t make them crack jokes about Booker, and actually compliment him and his experience. Make him seem like a big celebrity on commentary. Like JBL used to add, Booker can do the same.

For the next few weeks, have Booker do some interviews in the ring. Make him own some of the wrestlers. Owning, as in, now owning with his stupidity, but getting the upper hand because of his knowledge. Get him in a feud or two with new superstars, like Cody Rhodes and Ziggler.

Then, if these conditions are followed, gradually, Booker will be seen as a stronger, yet humorous member of the announce team. Smackdown will have an excellent commentary team with each member playing his part. Now, that would be amazing, right?

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Now can you dig that, sucka!