WWE Live Event Results (9/14/13) – Saginaw, Michigan

Thanks to PWMania.com reader Richard Hagen for sending in the following:

The main event for the show was immediately announced by Brad Maddox, originally scheduled was supposed to be Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett, ended up being Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose for the United States title.

The Shield took on Prime Time Players and they won cleanly.

Rob Van Dam had a match with Heath Slater and won. Big time pop for him.

Show started at 7:30 with Big Show coming out and Justin Roberts announcing. Brad Moaddox would then come out and let Show know that he no longer would have a match as a order by Triple H, but he would have to sit ringside during the main event of night, Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose.

WWE tag champions The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) beat The Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil & Darren Young) to retain the Tag Titles. Great Match. Prime Tyme players are always entertaining and interacted with the crowd much, and Seth and Roman did their bad guy characters well.

Zack Ryder beat Curt Hawkins. Hawkins was not very PG during the match. Calling the audience Idiots and drawing major heat. Nobody liked him. Nobody really cared for the match besides the chants for Ryder and pop when he won.

Natalya submitted Brie Bella. There was a live Raw Active poll to decide if this was a match or a dance-off. Since the dance-off got a chorus of boos, I don’t believe the 54/46 figure deciding their would be a match, but Brie Bella took the mic and decided that it was going to be a dance off. With Natayla attacking her and leading into the match. Very well put together match.

Tyson Kidd beat Jack Swagger (w/Antonio Cesaro). Tyson kid got busted open early for some reason. And sitting ringside I was able to see Justin Roberts interact with backstage personell to try and figure out how they were going to stop Tysons bleeding this early so he lasted throughout the match. Jack Swagger was able to get him out of the ring and cleaned up by someone who came from backstage. Cesaro then whipped him back in the ring.

Kidd ran back to the back then Cesaro and Swagger had a quick in-ring promo. After the blabber, Swagger announced that this is the last Saginaw will ever see of the Real Americans. Which was followed by cheers.

Rob Van Dam beat Heath Slater. Slater came to the ring first to decent heat. He rabbed on the mic about how great he his and Saginaw was going to witness the Heath Slater Experience. Yawn. Rob Van Dam came out to the biggest pop of the night (possible tied with Daniel Bryan) Van Dam and him had a great match, all though it seemed Rob carried Heath through the whole thing. We got to see all of Rob’s fan favorite moves and for the Homestate man to pick up the victory.

Intermission. Justin Roberts announced that they’re selling RVD autographs at some booth in the outer concourse area. I feel like they were behind schedule, because during the Rob Van Dam/Slater match, Justin Roberts kept pointing at his watch and making the “move it along” motion. They rushed intermission no doubt. The arean was probably half empty when they started back up again.

Ryback made his way out and bullied Roberts and the referee. I saw a lot of old school Ryback in this match. Calling his opponent “Stupid!”, banging his head, even a Feed Me More motion toward at the end of the match.

Ryback beat Santino. Santino went for the Cobra but Ryback bit his hand, and hit the Shell Shock for the easy win.

The Miz beat Fandango. Miz played the crowd very well. He imitated Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair throughout the match. He did a good job as a good guy.

Next was the Main Event of Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan for the U.S. Title with Big Show at ringside. Brad Maddox came out with a red chair for Big Show to sit in. During the match, Big Show had an argument with some fans sitting directly behind him. If even led to a WWE lady coming over and talking the fans. Big Show seemed upset.

Daniel Bryan beat U.S. champion Dean Ambrose via DQ; Ambrose retained the U.S. Title. Very good match as everyone loves Daniel Bryan. They put a hell of a fight and it was much better than what we would have seen between the originally scheduled Barrett/Bryan match. While Bryan was in the Yes Lock with Dean Ambrose about to tap, The Shield ran out and caused Ambrose to win by DQ.

Post-match, Rob Van Dam ran out to try to make the save, but he was pretty quickly overwhelmed. Shield got Bryan up for the triple powerbomb, but Big Show dove into the ring to make the last-second save. Apparently Big Show’s not getting paid again. This led to Big Show turning the tables in a big way with a double chokeslam, then Van Dam and Bryan got up and made short work of The Shield.

To close the show, Big Show offered a handshake to Bryan, Bryan then made a “No!” motion that lead to confusing the crowd, only to give a giant hug to The Big Show.