WWE Live Results (4/25/14) – Toronto, Ontario

I attended Ricoh Coliseum tonight which took place in Toronto, Canada for WWE’s latest live event.

– The show started with a Wyatt Family promo in the ring. They hyped up the main event against the Shield. The Shield came out and attacked the Wyatts. Brad Maddox came out announced the match would be a street fight.

– Dolph Ziggler defeated Alberto Del Rio in a lengthy contest. The crowd was super hot for Ziggler and Del Rio got his heat. Ziggler won with the Zig Zag.

– Bad News Barrett defeated Rob Van Dam. Barrett hit the Bullhammer for the win. Crowd was behind RVD, but Barrett was getting more cheers than boos.

-Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox. Aksana was the special referee. Nothing much to say here other than a lot of CM Punk chants.

– Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow by Disqualification. Kane came out and took out Sin Cara. Brad Maddox came out to stop Kane but Kane took him out as well. Big Show came out for the save but Kane beat him down with the steps. Crowd was hot for Big Show. Kane got cheers coming in but was booed coming out.

*15 Minute Intermission

– Kofi Kingston defeated Titus O’Neil. Kofi won with a roll up. Decent match that had a lengthy amount of time. Crowd was into Kofi coming in but he lost some cheers in the middle. Crowd wasn’t into this at all until Kofi won. Titus had no heat whatsoever.

– Alexander Rusev defeated Zack Ryder. Ryder got a couple of moves in but this was nothing more than a squash. Before the match Lana called us Americans by accident and that got her a lot of boos from the crowd. Ryder got a mixed reaction.

– The Shield defeated The Wyatt Family. Absolutely incredible match. Fast paced the entire way and a lot of weapons were used. Reigns was put through a table early on but the finish had The Shield triple powerbombing Rowan through a table. The Shield was super over but the Wyatt’s had their fans as well.

Top 3 Babyface Reactions:

1. The Shield

2. Dolph Ziggler

3. Rob Van Dam

Top 3 Heel Reactions:

1. Kane

2. Damien Sandow

3. Alberto Del Rio

Quick Notes:

– Sandow cut a promo on the tron that got him a lot of heat early on. I didn’t see anyone cheering him during his match.

– Iron Sheik sat at the side of the stage for the first half of the show. The crowd was focusing on him during the Divas match and Intermission.

– The crowd was incredibly over for the Shield and the Wyatts, but it seemed like everyone cared about Bray and Roman. When both men were out of the match interest died down a little bit.

– Overall it was a pretty fun show and not many people seemed to be down with Cena, Bryan, Orton, or Batista being on the show.


  • Jason

    Ryder is just a waste of time.. Break his neck..send him into early retirement

  • gx_core

    Now I don’t feel bad not going

  • DangerousDannyDavis

    How many were in attendance and when is the next time they will be back?

    • Joe D’Agostino

      July 6th I think I am not sure and I am unsure of the attendance but it was not a packed house like the past couple times.

    • Jay Campbell

      I think the reason why is was not packed is because there was a Blue Jays game going on at Rogers centre and also a lot of people were watching the raptors game at Male Leaf Square

      But the wwe event was pretty damn cool

  • Jay Campbell

    This was my first time ever going to a wrestling event and I’ve been a fan pretty much my whole life and even thoe it was not a tv event I thought it was awesome