WWE Looking To Feature Total Divas More On Raw, Backstage News On The Show’s Future Plans

WWE officials have been discussing ideas for RAW involving Total Divas that would see something like TNA’s #IMPACT365 videos be inserted into the show, basically more of a tie-in between the two shows.

You might see Naomi wrestling in hour one of RAW, Jey Uso wrestling in hour 2 and then in hour three a plug to go to the WWE App to see a backstage segment with the two.

There has also been talk of doing the third season of Total Divas exclusively on the WWE Network.

(Partial source: F4Wonline.com)

  • adam

    Pros and cons to this. Pros: more diva air time and more Naomi. Cons: less aj lee and more eva marie.

    • Ruandy Torres

      Wow what a scary thought MORE Eva Marie (ugh) at least they should give us some Jo-Jo where’s she gone?

  • bryan

    These chicks are boring. They can’t wrestle for shit.and trust me most of the divas are not as good looking as most former divas. I only like aj lee, and paige. That’s it

  • cj

    Aj is the only diva whonhas a character, well Tamina as well as she’s playing Aj’s bodyguard. But all the other divas are just their names and that’s it. Aj is the only diva that’s over and the fans actually care about cause she plays her character well. I love that they paired Tamina and Aj as a duo cause we get way more Tamina than we’ve ever gotten. My point is that none of the total divas stand out to be getting more tv time. Naomi and Natalya are amazing in ring but lack character. WWE’s fault, not theirs .

  • Noel Lackey

    If it was posted that TNA were going to do something similar to WWE (as above saying WWE will do a 365 thingy similar to TNA) this article would be flooded with comments about how TNA is ripping all of WWEs ideas off etc etc.