WWE Looking To Sign Cruiserweights, Mysterio Speaks Out, More

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— Rey Mysterio announced Monday on Twitter that he will be undergoing surgery this Friday after sustaining an injury to his knee. The masked performer blew his knee out while attempting a baseball slide during his match against Alberto Del Rio on last week’s episode of Raw. He is believed to have suffered a torn ACL, which would keep sidelined for at least six months. Mysterio attributed his latest setback to Del Rio in an in-character interview with WWE.com, who applied the cross armbreaker submission hold on him following the match.

— WWE officials have had discussions as of late regarding acquiring cruiserweight talent. A full-fledged revival of the cruiserweight division, however, has not been confirmed. The belief is that cruiserweight talent would give Evan Bourne or Sin Cara more similarly styled opponents to work with not to mention that the quality of wrestling would strengthen the organization’s undercard.

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source: PWInsider.com