WWE Looks At 20 Ridiculous WCW Moments, Ryback Appearance, Meet Kofi Kingston

– WWE published an article looking at the “20 ridiculous WCW moments you may have missed.” Some of the angles include Hulk Hogan seeing The Ultimate Warrior’s reflection in his mirror, Ric Flair being sent to a mental hospital, Raven taking Kanyon shopping at Versace and Jimmy Hart battling radio shock jock Mancow on pay-per-view. Here is the list:

20. Sting attacked by dogs
19. Hulk Hogan sees Ultimate Warrior in mirror
18. Raven takes Kanyon shopping at Versace
17. Jerry Flynn is the new kid on “The Block”
16. WCW vs. Battle Dome
15. Hacksaw Jim Duggan goes Canadian
14. Ring announcer David Penzer technically wins the WCW Title
13. Oklahoma wins Cruiserweight title
12. Ric Flair goes to the nut house
11. Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow Muller on PPV
10. Hulk Hogan lays down for Sting
9. WCW competitors rumble in a junkyard
8. Buff Bagwell and the powers that be
7. The Minnesota Massacre Match
6. Meng throws Brian Knobbs off of a balcony
5. Curt Hennig crashes Silkk the Shocker’s party
4. Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo reboot WCW
3. Sid gets run over by a monster truck
2. The Dog drinks from toilet
1. Hulk Hogan shows off his atomic vision

– Ryback will be appearing at Walmart at 4145 Dowlen Road in Beaumont, Texas this Saturday at 1 p.m. The appearance is limited to first 300 attendees.

– Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA this Friday at 3pm.