WWE Looks At Potential Paul Heyman Guys, New WWE DVD, Chris Jericho, Fatherhood Video

– WWE’s latest 5 Things Video with Tom Phillips looks at potential Paul Heyman Guys:

– Amazon will be releasing a “WWE: Men of Mayhem” DVD on June 17th. Not many details are known on the release but it could end up being a combo pack of previously released DVD’s.

– Chris Jericho’s latest Talk Is Jericho podcast with TNA star MVP is now online at this link.

– Below is behind the scenes video of WWE’s recent Fatherhood PSA’s with the Ad Council:

  • mac888

    Heyman needs to sop over-pushing Lesnar beating Taker. WE DONT CARE ANYMORE THAT WAS OVER 2 MONTHS AGO. He’s drawing the wrong kind of heat with that, he’s boring the audience with it

    • jmull

      There is no wrong kind of heat. He wants to piss you off; you’re the mark for him doing that. And it’s working, he got a face pop for teasing Lesnar appearing on Raw the other day (even if it was Lesnar’s “home crowd”).

      • mac888

        I’m not pissed at him, but he’s one of the reasons my fast forward button broke on my remote. When people tune you out its the wrong kinda heat ma man

        • jmull

          Fair point. I just really dig Heyman’s character.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    The 5 candidates listed on the video are basically people who would/should never be paul heyman guys/girls