WWE Main Event Going Live Every Week, New Age Outlaws’ Tag Title Shot Postponed, More

– WWE announced on tonight’s live episode of Main Event on the WWE Network that the show will air live each Tuesday night at 8pm EST on the Network.

– The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles never happened on tonight’s Main Event as Road Dogg came out and said he was injured. Brad Maddox came out to confirm the injury and said what when he is 100%, The Outlaws will get their rematch for the tag titles. The Usos ended up defending against Los Matadores tonight.

– Below is footage of Byron Saxton, Darren Young, Summer Rae and Xavier Woods hosting an anti-bullying rally in Orlando recently:

– Below is video of Titus O’Neil and Eva Marie recently hosting a career workshop for Hire Heroes USA:

  • Tim Church

    When they announced on “Raw” the Title match was going to be on “Main Event” & it’d be “tomorrow”, I double-checked to make sure it’s on Ion on Wednesday! As long as “Raw”, “SD”, & “Main Event” are on their current channels, I’ll keep my money!

    • captain9nyr

      If you can’t afford $10 a month for the network, with all that you get on the network, maybe you need to reevaluate your spending. That’s all I’m saying. The network is an absolutely phenomenal value.

      • Tim Church

        I can certainly afford it. The question is not if I can, but if I see a reason to.

        To that point, I used to have the mind that thought about “all I was getting” for the price. That was the same mind that thought buying the PPVs before they happened might be worth it. Now, I realize you can get them for half that price (or less) after knowing who wins, any surprise appearances, & reading p(perhaps) every single move) online… Guess which one’s actually smarter?! (Half the old PPVs they offer on the Network people already own on DVD & can watch any day/time they like anyway!)

        • Tim Church is a Nark

          blah blah blah no 1 is interested in ur paragraph u fuckin snitch. Y dont u learn how 2 brush ur teeth n then mayb u might actually get a chance to TALK 2 a girl for once ( we all kno u aint close 2 ever even kissin 1 let alone get some PWWWUSSSAYYY)

          • Tim Church

            I’m not a snitch, & I am someone who writes things people are interested in. Also, I know many girls that like me, & have conversations with me…

            PLEASE stop writing these things about me, when we all know you’re truly writing about yourself (or at least do so spelling words correctly)!

          • Timmy Boy

            Hey Tim, miss me? We own you Tim. We can type anything in this little box, and sit back and wait for a response within 12 hours. You’re permanently attached to your computer by your umbilical cord. All we have to do is call you out, and poof like magic you appear. How does it feel to be my bitch? AHAHAHAHAHAHA